Calcusource allows you to calculate almost anything that could come to mind when playing Old School RuneScape.
Take the tediousness out of calculating things for your character, by using the quick and easy calculators provided.
Calculate the number of items, profit & loss, and other specifics for almost all of RuneScape's skills
Find out what diaries you can and can't complete, along with a list of all requirements needed - including quests and items
Ironman? Got a ton of different supplies stored up? Check out what levels and xp you'll get from them all
See what quests you can and can't complete, as well as all requirements needed to complete them - including quests and items
Need to keep track of things you can collect or check off? The completionist page can help with that
Get shown a picture of the exact kingdom management setup that will net you the most profit
Check out what herbs are the most profitable to farm
See what items will net you the least loss (or even profit) when alched

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