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This page is meant to serve as a supplement to already existing completionist lists. What you'll find here:

  • Checklists for specific gathering tasks
  • Tips on the best methods of completing tasks

Ancient pages (0/26 found)

Found? Page Examine Text Tips
This seems to have been torn from a book… This is page 1/26
This seems to have been torn from a tome… This is page 2/26
This seems to have been ripped from a diary… This is page 3/26
Was this once a shopping list? This is page 4/26
A tatty scrap of vellum. This is page 5/26
A historic document or just junk? This is page 6/26
An incomplete record. This is page 7/26
Vital or useless? This is page 8/26
Some information. This is page 9/26
Written hastily. This is page 10/26
Fragile parchment. This is page 11/26
Neatly noted. This is page 12/26
Hastily scrawled. This is page 13/26
The writer needed spelling lessons. This is page 14/26
I wonder who dropped this. This is page 15/26
It may have had an important seal once. This is page 16/26
Part of someone's homework? This is page 17/26
Damp and close to disintegration. This is page 18/26
It looks pretty old. This is page 19/26
Lucky they used waterproof ink. This is page 20/26
Could a dragon have written this? This is page 21/26
Tatty. This is page 22/26
Has both sorts of watermark. This is page 23/26
Smells disgusting. This is page 24/26
Tiny writing. This is page 25/26
The paper glows with some odd mould. This is page 26/26

Suggested gear setup (thanks to @Matto):


If you have completed Monkey Madness II:
You can get all greegrees (except for the Ancient gorilla greegree) simply by speaking to Zooknock (he lives directly north of the Gnomeball entrance).
The Ancient gorilla greegree can be made by finding the Monkey skull on ape atoll under the temple and bringing it to Zooknock.
Climb down the ladder here (this is on Ape Atoll)
The Monkey skull

Keys that go on the keyring (0/13 found)

Stored? Image Key How to Obtain
Ancestral key Telegrabbed from the shrine in Nardah during/after Spirits of the Elid quest.
Battered key Use a knife on the Battered book found in the house south of the anvils in Seers' Village. You can also have a slashed book in your inventory, and search the bookcase in Seers' Village.
Bone key Obtained from Yanni Salika for 100gp after the Shilo Village quest, or use a chisel on a Bone shard during the Shilo Village quest.
Brass key Bought from the Grand Exchange or found in the Edgeville dungeon in the small room north-east of the Hill Giants.
Crystal mine key Found during the Haunted Mine quest. Follow the same steps as in the quest to get to the key.
Dusty key Kill the jailer in the southern part of the Taverly Dungeon and pick up the key he drops. Use this key on the cell with Velrak the explorer and speak to Velrak to get the Dusty key.
Weapon store key Talk to Straven or obtain during the Shield of Arrav quest.
Maze key Speak to the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild or bought from the Legends' Guild.
Metal key Kill the Mercenary Captain from the Tourist Trap quest.
Shiny key Get the Pendant of Lucien from Lucien in the bar in East Ardougne. Equip it and go into the Temple of Ikov and head through the north gates and continue north-west through the doors. Cross the lava, and go past the skeletons and Lesser demons and the key is at the end of the path on the ground.
Shortcut key Can be reobtained from Safalaan or originally obtained during the Darkness of Hallowvale quest.
Wrought iron key Search the desk of the captain inside the Desert Mining Camp from the Tourist Trap quest.
New key Can be reobtained from the desk in the south-east room of the basement of the Mourner Headquarters in West Ardougne or originally obtained from the Head mourner during Mourning's End Part II.

Books that go in your PoH bookcase (0/79 found)

Each book's title is listed as it appears in-game with its name as it appears in the poh bookcase in parenthesis

Found? Image Book Where found
Ablenkian's escape (Ablenkian's Escape) Found in the library of the Myths' Guild after completing Dragon Slayer II.
Abyssal book (Abyssal Research Notes) Mage of Zamorak after completing Enter the Abyss miniquest.
Aivas'diary (Diary of Aivas) Search the skeleton next to the grandiose doors beneath Lithkren.
Ancient book (The Sleeping Seven) In Aid of the Myreque quest inside the trapdoor near Drezel. A key from Drezel is needed to unlock the trapdoor.
Ancient diary (Ancient diary) Found on the bottom floor inside the House on the Hill on Fossil island by searching a pile of ancient books.
Archaeologist's diary (Charle's Diary, the diary of Charles Charlington) Search Charles Charlington in the Tar Swamp on Fossil Island. Players need to use Breadcrumbs on the bellshroom south-west of the Magic Mushtree to reach him.
Arena book (Magic Training Arena Lore Book) Bought from the Mage Training Arena for 200 coins.
Astronomy book (Astronomy Book) During the Observatory Quest.
Battered book (Book of the Elemental Shield) In the shelves in the building south of the building with the anvils in it in Seers' Village.
Battered tome (Histories of Hallowland) During In Aid of the Myreque quest.
Beaten book (Book of the Elemental Helm) In the Digsite Exam Centre library.
Big book of bangs (Big Book o' Bangs) Lord Iorwerth during the Regicide quest.
Binding book (Book of Binding) During Legends' Quest.
Bird book (William Oddity's Guide to the Avian) During Eagles' Peak quest.
Book (The Ratpits Manual) Obtained during the Ratcatchers quest.
Book of spyology Obtained from a cupboard of the 2nd floor of Glough's house after investigating the gnome statue during Monkey Madness II.
Book on Baxtorian (Book on Baxtorian (The Missing Relics) In the Tourist Information Centre upstairs in a bookcase.
Book on chemicals (Chemistry book from the Dig Site library) During The Dig Site quest in a bookshelf in the Exam Centre.
Book o' piracy (Book o' Piracy) After Cabin Fever, from Bill Teach.
Book (The Shield of Arrav) Reldo's library during the Shield of Arrav quest.
Brewin' guide (Brewin' Guide) Inside the Trouble Brewing waiting room.
Burnt diary (Armod's Burnt Diary) Search the first set of fire remains in the dungeon under Miscellania during the Royal Trouble quest.
Cadarn lineage (The Cadarn Lineage) Golrie during the Roving Elves quest.
Clockwork book (Clockwork Toys - A Clockwork Mechanism, Chapter 1.0) Larry during the Cold War quest. Can also be retrieved from Larry at the Ardougne Zoo.
Cocktail guide (The Blurberry Cocktail Guide) Speak to Blurberry or Heckel Funch.
Construction guide (Guide to Construction) Speak to any Estate agent.
Creature keeper's journal (Creature Keeper's Journal) Search the corpse of the Creature keeper in the Chambers of Xeric.
Crumbling tome (Legend of the Brothers) Found on a desk in a building just east of the entrance to Barrows or speak to Strange Old Man quest.
Crystal of seren (Crystal Singing for Beginners) Ilfeen after completing the Roving Elves quest.
Dagon'hai history (History of the Dagon'hai) North-east corner of the Varrock library.
Dark journal (Dark journal) Found in the ancient chest after defeating Olm in the Chambers of Xeric.
Demonic tome (The Confession of Ellemar) Found in a kiln in Uzer during the Shadow of the Storm quest.
Diary (Ancient Diary (from the Lighthouse)) Found on the second floor in a bookcase in the Lighthouse during the Horror from the Deep quest.
Diary (Diary of Herbi Flax) Found on the shelves in a ruined house towards the south-west side of Mort'ton during the Shades of Mort'ton quest.
Dwarven lore (The Arzinian Being of Bordanzan) Given to players only after they give Rolad all of its pages during the Between a Rock... quest.
Eastern discovery (Exploration of the Eastern Realm) Unknown (possibly found during the Mourning's Ends Part I quest).
Eastern settlement (The Settlement of the East) Unknown (possibly found during the Mourning's Ends Part I quest).
Edern's journal (Journal of Nissyen Edern) Search the dead guard located outside the Temple of Light.
Embalming manual (The Little Book of Embalming) Found on the second floor of the embalmer's house in Sophanem.
Entomologist's diary (Diary of Buggie the Entomologist) Search the Entomologist in the Kalphite area of the Stronghold Slayer Cave.
Explorer's notes (Memoirs of a Dwarven Explorer) Top floor of the Keldagrim library (which is located north-east of the bank), north-western bookcase.
Farming manual (Farmer Gricoller's Farming Manual) Given by My Arm during the My Arm's Big Adventure quest.
Feathered journal (Feathered Journal of Arthur Artimus) Found during the Eagles' Peak quest.
Fossil island note book (Fossil Island Research Notes) Given to the player after completion of Bone Voyage.
Game book (Party Pete's Bumper Book of Games) Found on the bookshelves of your Player-owned house.
Ghrim's book (Managing Thine Kingdom for Noobes) Given after completing the Throne of Miscellania quest. Also found on the bookcases in Queen Sigrid's throne room.
Gianne's cook book Obtained from Aluft Gianne Sr, Hudo, or killing gnome guards.
Glassblowing book (Glassblowing Book) Obtained from the reception at the Observatory or in the house west of the furnace on Entrana.
Glough's journal Search Glough's cupboard during The Grand Tree quest.
Goblin book (The Book of the Big High War God) This is an uncommon drop from Goblins.
Goblin symbol book (A History of the Goblin Race) North-west area of the Varrock library during the Lost Tribe quest.
The great divide (The Great Divide) Found in the bookcase in Lletya after completing Mourning's Ends Part I.
Guide book (Tourist Guide to Ardougne) Found in the real estate agency near the southern bank of East Ardougne.
A handwritten book (Crystal Singing for Beginners (trans. Oaknock)) Found in the Player-owned house after The Eyes of Glouphrie quest.
Herman's book (Dionysius: A Legend in His Own Lifetime) Search Herman Caranos' desk after the Swan Song quest.
History of Iban (The Tale of Iban) Found in the witch's house during the Underground Pass quest.
Houndmaster's diary Appears on the ground after killing the Muttadile inside the Chambers of Xeric.
Imafore's betrayal Found in the library of the Myths' Guild after completing Dragon Slayer II.
Imcandoria's fall (The Fall of Imcandoria) Found in the library of the Myths' Guild after completing Dragon Slayer II.
Instruction manual (Dwarf Multicannon Manual) Given after completing the Dwarf Cannon quest. Can also be found at Nulodion's Cannon Store at the Dwarven Mines.
Journal (Horror from the Deep) (Jossik's Diary (from the Lighthouse)) Found while exploring the Lighthouse during the Horror from the Deep quest.
Journal (Making History) (Drozal's Journal) Found in a Chest during the Making History quest.
Leather book (Modern Day Morytania) Obtained from the ancient library during the In Aid of the Myreque quest.
Lutwidge and the Moonfly Found in the library of the Myths' Guild after completing Dragon Slayer II.
Malumac's_journal Found by searching a skeleton in the south-west corner of the Ancient Temple (from the Dragon Slayer II quest) found in the Kharazi Jungle.
Manual (Lighthouse Manual) Found while exploring the Lighthouse during the Horror from the Deep quest.
Moonclan manual (Basics of Magic (from Lunar Isle)) Bought for 1 coin from Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle.
My notes (Records from my discoveries beneath the lake) Given by Otto Godblessed during Barbarian Training.
Nistirio's manifesto (Manifesto of Vasa Nistirio) Appears on the ground after killing Vasa Nistirio inside the Chambers of Xeric.
Old journal (The Journal of Randas) Found near the first well during the Underground Pass quest.
Ohn's diary (Ohn's Diary) Search the crate east of the High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa after speaking to her.
Overseer's book Found on the floor where The Overseer used to be after having it create an Abyssal bludgeon.
Pie recipe book (Pie Recipe Book) Purchased from Romily Weaklax on the bottom of the Cooking guild for 5 coins.
Prayer book (Prayer of Deliverance from Poisons) Reward for completing The Great Brain Robbery quest. Can be found again at the Monastery in Edgeville.
Prifddinas' history (The Creation of Prifddinas) Search the bookshelves in Lletya.
Queen help book (Queen Help) Speak to Captain Cain at Barbarian Assault after you have done the tuturial. Another book can be found inside each wave lobby room.
Security book (RuneScape Account Security) Bought from any general store.
Serafina (The Tale of Serafina) Found in the library of the Myths' Guild after completing Dragon Slayer II.
Shaman's tome Found in the home of the shaman during the Legends' Quest.
Sin'keth's diary (Sin'keths journal) Obtained from Surok Magis during the What Lies Below quest. It can also be found in the northeast bookcases in the Varrock library.
Stronghold notes (Stronghold of Security - Notes) Found inside the Stronghold of Security by searching a dead explorer.
Tarn's diary (The Diary of Tarn Razorlor) Found on the table in the room just past where you fight Tarn Razorlor.
Tekton's journal (Tekton's journal) Appears on the ground after killing Tekton inside the Chambers of Xeric.
Transdimensional notes (Notes on Transdimentional Travel) Appears on the ground after killing Vespula inside the Chambers of Xeric.
Translation (Four Diamonds translation, Translation Primer) Given by the Archaeological expert during the Desert Treasure quest.
Translation book (Gnome-English Translation Dictionary) Given by King Narnode Shareen during The Grand Tree quest.
Varlamore envoy (The Envoy to Varlamore) Obtained during The Depths of Despair.
Vanguard judgement (Judgement of the Vanguard) Appears on the ground after killing the Vanguard inside the Chambers of Xeric quest.
Varmen's notes (Notes from Varmen's expedition to Uzer) Found during The Golem quest. Also found in the bookshelves in the Exam Centre.
The weeping (The Weeping) Found in the library of the Myths' Guild after completing Dragon Slayer II.
Witch's Diary (Diary) Found on the table in the witch's house during the Witch's House quest.

Fairy ring travel log (0/44 logged)

Logged? Code
a i q
a i r
a j q
a j r
a j s
a k q
a k s
a l p
a l q
a l r
a l s
Logged? Code
b i p
b i q
b i s
b j r
b j s
b k p
b k q
b k r
b k s
b l p
b l r
Logged? Code
c i p
c i q
c i s
c j r
c k p
c k r
c k s
c l p
c l r
c l s
d i p
Logged? Code
d i r
d i q
d i s
d j p
d j r
d k p
d k r
d k s
d l q
d l r
d l s