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showing data for last 7d
earliest: 6d 19h 20m 36s ago
data expiring: 4h 39m 24s
last check: 27m 55s ago
last change: 27m 55s ago
datapoints in timeframe: 34
time period
overall records
6 hours: 564,865
day: 1,051,280
week: 5,268,540
month: 16,985,251
year: 85,804,327
calendar year: 66,474,599
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skilling pet meta
ehp: 1,849.95
data points: 2,743
first tracked: april 21st, 2020 at 05:15:08 pm
account type: Normal
Previous name: lets date
virtual scores
200m count: 0 (#78)
buyable xp: 130,851,049 (#140)
combat xp: 276,566,966 (#110)
gathering xp: 78,990,799 (#91)
highest skill rank: (#406)
highest minigame rank: (#12)
lowest skill: (#77)
melee xp: 169,389,727 (#106)
rank sum: 543,815 (#138)
recent achievements
 60,000,000 ranged xp
 50,000,000 strength xp
 60,000,000 hitpoints xp
 100 tombs of amascut kill count
 55,000,000 ranged xp
 32,000 all bosses kill count
 set record: rank 24 dagannoth prime week
 set record: rank 25 barrows chests day
 set record: rank 23 dagannoth prime day
 set record: rank 19 king black dragon day
 set record: rank 21 barrows chests 6h
 set record: rank 22 dagannoth prime 6h
 set record: rank 15 king black dragon 6h
 31,000 all bosses kill count
 1,000 barrows chests kill count