Skilling Pet Meta

A page for showing how much progress (xp) you have made since specific skilling pet release dates
PetSkill Trained By Obtaining PetRelease dateXP Gained Since Release
 Baby chinchompanovember 5th, 2015+0
 Beavernovember 5th, 2015+0
 Giant squirrelseptember 1st, 2016+0
 Herbiseptember 7th, 2017+0
 Heronnovember 5th, 2015+0
 Phoenixseptember 8th, 2016+0
 Rift guardianseptember 1st, 2016+0
 Rock golemnovember 5th, 2015+0
 Rockyseptember 1st, 2016+0
 Smolcanojuly 25th, 2019+0
 Tanglerootseptember 1st, 2016+0
 Tiny Tempormarch 24th, 2021+0
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data expiring: 1d 9h 49m 23s
last check: 18h 49m 17s ago 
last change: 18h 49m 17s ago
datapoints in timeframe: 3
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6 hours: 0
day: 0
week: 48
month: 48
year: 48
calendar year: 48
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ehp: 8,046.70
data points: 2,231
first tracked: june 30th, 2020 at 02:44:19 am
account type: Normal
virtual scores
200m count: 8 (#16)
buyable xp: 1,433,385,555 (#13)
combat xp: 1,087,527,039 (#23)
gathering xp: 304,406,715 (#26)
highest skill rank: (#759)
highest minigame rank: (#36)
lowest skill: (#37)
melee xp: 650,234,515 (#27)
rank sum: 29,663 (#34)
recent achievements
 set record: rank 1 cerberus day
 set record: rank 2 chambers of xeric day
 set record: rank 2 cerberus 6h
 set record: rank 1 chambers of xeric 6h
 set record: rank 3 skotizo 6h
 set record: rank 10 tempoross 6h
 set record: rank 7 tztok_jad 6h
 set record: rank 14 venenatis 6h
 set record: rank 4 wintertodt 6h
 set record: rank 8 zalcano 6h
 68,000 cerberus kill count
 100 skotizo kill count
 set record: rank 1 cerberus calendar year
 set record: rank 2 chambers of xeric calendar year
 set record: rank 2 chambers of xeric week