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earliest: 3h 6m 6s ago
data expiring: 2h 53m 54s
last check: 14m 8s ago
last change: 14m 8s ago
datapoints in timeframe: 2
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overall records
6 hours: 346,005
day: 1,308,616
week: 5,407,863
month: 16,524,874
year: 77,626,888
calendar year: 77,028,504
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skilling pet meta
ehp: 2,705.79
data points: 1,987
first tracked: june 11th, 2020 at 04:49:06 pm
account type: Normal
virtual scores
200m count: 0 (#83)
buyable xp: 168,929,784 (#84)
combat xp: 323,739,366 (#85)
gathering xp: 164,692,533 (#33)
highest skill rank: (#341)
highest minigame rank: (#28)
lowest skill: (#49)
melee xp: 191,778,586 (#88)
rank sum: 255,901 (#88)
recent achievements
 set record: rank 19 the gauntlet 6h
 33,000 all bosses kill count
 1,000 abyssal sire kill count
 1,000 callisto kill count
 400 chambers of xeric kill count
 100 chambers of xeric challenge mode kill count
 2,000 dagannoth prime kill count
 1,000 giant mole kill count
 1,000 kalphite queen kill count
 500 nex kill count
 1,000 phosanis nightmare kill count
 400 the corrupted gauntlet kill count
 1,000 thermonuclear smoke devil kill count
 2,000 venenatis kill count
 2,000 zulrah kill count