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6 hours: 496,605
day: 2,470,333
week: 12,367,729
month: 27,307,237
year: 108,385,605
calendar year: 108,322,039
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ehp: 2,982.96
data points: 660
first tracked: june 25th, 2021 at 05:10:03 pm
account type: Normal
virtual scores
200m count: 2 (#84)
buyable xp: 212,327,440 (#148)
combat xp: 774,002,353 (#68)
gathering xp: 95,475,709 (#143)
highest skill rank: (#2,795)
highest minigame rank: (#311)
lowest skill: (#107)
melee xp: 461,897,608 (#74)
rank sum: 361,294 (#237)
recent achievements
 130,000 all bosses kill count
 95,000,000 magic xp
 set record: rank 18 vardorvis week
 set record: rank 13 all bosses month
 set record: rank 11 corporeal beast month
 set record: rank 6 dagannoth rex month
 set record: rank 6 kril tsutsaroth month
 set record: rank 17 nightmare month
 set record: rank 6 scorpia month
 set record: rank 8 vorkath month
 set record: rank 10 zalcano month
 set record: rank 9 dagannoth rex week
 set record: rank 5 kril tsutsaroth week
 set record: rank 17 nightmare week
 set record: rank 5 scorpia week