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overall xp distribution for the past 87d (24,446,776 total xp)
overall xp gains for the past 87d
overall rank gains for the past 87d
overall level gains for the past 87d
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earliest: 81d 13h 43m 38s ago
data expiring: 5d 10h 16m 22s
last check: 56m 20s ago 
last change: 56m 20s ago
datapoints in timeframe: 27
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overall records
6 hours: 298,096
day: 1,554,538
week: 8,740,743
month: 25,857,957
year: 225,534,018
calendar year: 194,891,730
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ehp: 2,661.39
data points: 453
first tracked: december 4th, 2021 at 07:51:56 pm
account type: Ironman
virtual scores
200m count: 0 (#796)
buyable xp: 199,202,037 (#175)
combat xp: 520,747,774 (#131)
gathering xp: 97,625,945 (#152)
highest skill rank: (#3,735)
highest minigame rank: (#693)
lowest skill: (#44)
melee xp: 328,420,112 (#131)
rank sum: 40,214 (#66)
recent achievements
 20,000,000 mining xp
 set record: rank 6 spindel year
 53,000 all bosses kill count
 1,000 vardorvis kill count
 25,000,000 farming xp
 set record: rank 21 giant mole year
 set record: rank 23 farming week
 125,000,000 strength xp
 set record: rank 17 lunar chests year
 set record: rank 17 lunar chests calendar year
 set record: rank 17 lunar chests month
 52,000 all bosses kill count
 30,000,000 hunter xp
 4,000 giant mole kill count
 120,000,000 hitpoints xp